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Commerce Realty Advisors

Our Services

Our MIssion

To achieve client goals by providing exclusive and comprehensive representation throughout all aspects of commercial land transactions.


Brokerage Services

Our team members' vast knowledge and experience with real estate, home building, construction, and development allows CRA to provide a complete range of brokerage services.  These services may include market evaluation, buyer evaluation, marketing, offer solicitation, contract negotiation, reporting, escrow assistance and tracking, and entitlement support.


Commercial, Residential, and Rentals

CRA provides complete commercial Real Estate Brokerage services to land owners, developers, builders and lending institutions. Our core business values are founded on a firm commitment to honesty, integrity, accountability, and unprecedented customer service.



Key Services:

• Determine market pricing

• Provide neighborhood comps 

• Draft and implement marketing plan

• Solicit offers

• Pre-qualify potential buyers

• Assist with negotiations

• Assist with escrow process from open to close

Lender REO Expertise: 

Michael Martindale, principal and designated broker of CRA garnered valuable experience with the lender process in distinct homebuilding cycles over his long career. From 1989 to 1991, Michael worked with many lending institutions including Bank One, Citibank, Bank of America, private lenders and the RTC in workouts, trades, restructures, foreclosures and REO marketing. Michael also assisted with ‘Note’ sales used to extricate builders and lenders from situations where a property’s viability was reduced or eliminated. 

Staff expertise: 

CRA’s agents are focused on one task, understanding the local market. As a result, they have developed a level of expertise so well acclaimed, they are often called upon by educators and economists to share their comprehensive market perspective. 

The sales staff’s collective career experience prior to joining CRA range from project entitlement and acquisitions to land development and home building. Unlike other brokerage firms, CRA is a cooperative sales environment where sales people work as a team and do not compete with one another.

The research department has an extensive array of market information and is continually monitoring sales and comp information to ensure we have the most current and accurate sales data. 

Why list with CRA: 


We represent your interests exclusively.


CRA's extensive market knowledge and research department both provide sophisticated tools to assist in lender valuations and asset solutions. 


CRA is accustomed to operating under Confidentiality Agreements in order to protect parties’ interest.


Our knowledge and expertise helps us identify the highest “probability” buyers and focus marketing efforts appropriately. 

More Expertise: 

CRA's sales staff are very familiar with the homebuilders’ processes and inner workings, which can help lenders best assess their alternatives for specific assets. 


We can minimize time that may be wasted on potential buyers that may be disingenuous or may lack financing to close the deal by pre-qualifying potential buyers. 


We know our integrity is on the line each time we negotiate a sale, so you have our assurance that we will provide you with a honest opinion on the market value of your property. 

No cost: 

We pay for all marketing efforts and materials. We earn our fee only at escrow closing.